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Registers sale of 4,447 units in July 2022

› Records a 44% boost over the same period in 2021

› Completes 1 year since the first INDIA 2.0 vehicle, the KUSHAQ went on sale

› Sold 3,080 units in July 2021, the month the KUSHAQ made its debut

› Maintains momentum towards making 2022 the Biggest Year for sales in India

› Has already overtaken 2021 annual sales in June 2022

Chandigarh, (Aditi) – The Czech auto major with factories in Pune and Aurangabad continues clocking consistent sales in India with the onset of Q3 and H2 2022. After having a record-breaking Q1 and H1 in 2022, ŠKODA AUTO India continued its steady run in July 2022 with the sale of 4,447 cars.

Zac Hollis, Brand Director, ŠKODA AUTO India, said, “This is usually the period where big purchases are kept on hold as it’s the monsoon and deferred till the festive season kicks off. Yet, we have clocked in solid numbers on the back of our made-for-India, INDIA 2.0 cars, the KUSHAQ and the SLAVIA. The OCTAVIA and SUPERB are doing well in their respective segments. And the KODIAQ has already sold out soon after its launch in January. We intend on keeping up this energy and shall very soon record 2022 as the Biggest Year yet for us in our 2-decade legacy in India.”