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100 percent of government school students survived the epidemic

Chandigarh, (Aditi): The School Education Department of the Punjab Government has set new standards to make the school children and their parents aware about the Covid-19, which has saved about one hundred percent students of government schools from the clutches of this epidemic.

Under the guidance of  School Education Minister Vijay Inder Singla, School Education Secretary Kirshan Kumar has effectively and efficiently implemented this comprehensive awareness campaign at the grass root level which has yielded tangible results and saved this most vulnerable section (children) of the society.

Giving details of this special campaign launched by the education department to create awareness against Corona under 'Mission Fateh', a spokesperson of the school education department said that teachers and officials of the education department from around 19,000 schools across the state are continually taking part in this campaign . In last two weeks, they have organized twice special door to door campaign in which the general public has been made aware of the precautions to be taken against the Corona epidemic. The teachers also instructed the general public on how to wash their hands and how to wear masks and keep physical distance between them when going out of the house. The general public was also explained in detail about the use of these precautions to prevent the spread of Covid-19. Pamphlets were distributed during the event, informing the general public about the symptoms of the corona-affected patient and encouraging them to treat the patient with caution and affection. The general public was also urged to take special care of the elderly and children and to follow the government guidelines regarding the gathering of a certain number of people during social functions.

Apart from this the message was also conveyed to the students and their parents through videos and posters regarding the precautions to be taken to prevent the spread of Covid-19. Students even put up these posters in their homes and public places. Teachers and officials also launched a 'pledge' campaign to create awareness about the disease, under which people were made to pledge to follow government instructions to avoid the disease.

According to the spokesperson, teachers and students of the schools have also prepared posters and sketches to create awareness about the seriousness of the epidemic of Corona. Under the campaign, 'Fattis' were distributed to hang in cars and other vehicles. A Buddy Group has also been formed to further spread  awareness about Corona and improve education so that more effective results of ongoing campaign can be drawn. The spokesperson further said that during this campaign people were encouraged to download the Cova app in their mobiles and were also made aware about the services available through this app.

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