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30% rise in fatal heart attacks in age 25-44 post COVID pandemic: Expert

Chandigarh , (Aditi) : As many as 1000 including students and faculty attended a workshop on ‘Management of cardiovascular health and stress among youngsters’ at Chandigarh group of Colleges . The workshop was organized by Cardiomersion in collaboration with the Department of Pharmacy and film actress Jonita Doda .

Addressing the workshop, Dr. Deepak Puri, director of cardiovascular at Max Hospital, Mohali said that there has been a 30 percent rise of fatal heart attacks in the age group 25 to 44 years ever since the onset of COVID pandemic.

He emphasized that the patients who needed hospitalization for COVID are having much more severe after effects with 27.3 times increase complications due to clot formation, 21.6 times increase in heart failure, 17.5 times increased risk of stroke ,10 times increased risk of arrhythmias and 118 times increase risk of death. Whereas in non-hospitalized COVID patients’ risk of death has increased more than 10 times according to a recent report from Queen Mary University of London, he informed.

Dr. Puri also laid emphasis on the rising need for youngsters to be trained for basic life support and cardiac resuscitation for immediate revival of anyone suffering from sudden heart attack, cardiac arrest or stroke. He also explained the differentiation between the three emergencies and first aid techniques that must be given till medical help arrives so that many young lives can be saved .

He further said that stress is now on the rise among youngsters with 33% prevalence in 16 to 20 age group and 29% in 21 to 40 years. The incidence of suicide is also on the rise and India accounts for nearly 28% of global burden of suicides which is becoming more often prevalent in females in comparison to males.

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