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5paisa Partners with World’s Fastest Strategic Trading Platform - Streak

Chandigarh (Kritika) India’s only listed discount broker has partnered with Streak, a Strategic Trading Platform with fastest back-testing capabilities in the world. Streak platform allows retail traders & investors to create, back-test and deploy unlimited trading strategies. customers can explore the Streak platform for free for a short period of time before signing up as per their needs at an affordable cost.

The Streak platform allows transforming strategies and ideas that you write in English, into computerized code with the help of more than 75+ technical indicators. This platform also provides Back-testing, Paper trading, Live deployment & Scanners all of this on the cloud. One can back-test all trading strategies with a look-back period of up to five years on any instrument across multiple time-frames.

Retail Traders can deploy multiple strategies at a time without using any margin, and generate signals for your strategies. So monitoring multiple instruments is now a click away. Once a strategy is deployed, the trader will be notified about the entry and exit signals based on your strategies.

Prakarsh Gagdani, CEO, said, "With increased trading participation among our customers, the Streak Partnership is very strategic point for us. Our traders can now have the most advanced technologies and strategies to execute their trade that too backed by the fastest back-testing process in the world. This is a win-win situation for our customers."

Harsha Manohar, Co-founder and CEO of Streak AI Technologies said, “Streak is the first platform in the world that enables retail traders to create trading strategies, backtest and deploy them live in the stock markets, without having to code. With Streak, you can take objective trading decisions and eliminate human biases. We are excited to extend our platform and services to more Indian retail clients by partnering with 5paisa.”

Streak is a platform that enables retail traders to trade strategically without coding. It has over 1,000,000 users who have run 75+ million back-tests and have generated a transaction value of USD3bn so far.

5paisa Capital which has over 1.4 million customers recently raised₹251 Crore from marquee investors including Ward Ferry, Fairfax and RIMCO.With the requisite growth capital, the companyis on track to be amongthe top three brokers in India.

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