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73 yr brain stroke patient gets a new lease of life at Ivy Hospital

Patiala, (Global News) : A 73 year old man who suffered a brain stroke has been treated successfully with mechanical thrombectomy procedure at Ivy Hospital, Mohali recently. Sharing details during a press conference , Dr Vineet Saggar, Head of Neuro Interventional and Endovascular Neurosurgery at Ivy Hospital, who performed the procedure, said that the patient had suffered sudden onset of weakness while getting up from bed in the morning. Eventually he fell down and was taken to a local hospital in Yamunanagar.

The investigations revealed the blockage of the right internal carotid artery which supplies the majority of blood to the right side of the brain, said Dr Saggar. He was referred to Ivy Hospital, Mohali and reached there in an unconscious state during the evening.Since the 3 hours golden time to treat stroke was passed, the thrombolysis was not possible. Patient was taken up for mechanical thrombectomy where the clot was removed directly from the vessel via Endovascular Neurosurgery without opening up vessels through devices passed from the groin, said Dr Saggar. Dr Saggar further informed that stroke is a major cause of disability in our country . Many stroke survivors especially in large vessel strokes remain bed ridden or dependent.

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