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90962 volunteers of Youth services department caution people against rumours of corona pandemic

Chandigarh, (Aditi): Punjab Sports and Youth Services Minister Rana Gurmit Singh Sodhi today said that awareness programs were conducted in 9355 villages and towns of the state under the week long campaign against rumours of Corona pandemic to stop the misleading propaganda of the anti-social elements.

The Sports Minister said that 4488 youth clubs, NSS Units and Red Ribbon Clubs of the state participated in this campaign. Carried out this awareness campaign as a mission of true service to humanity and sensitized the people, 90962 volunteers of these clubs and units urged people to immediately go to the government hospitals for testing in case they found any symptoms of the disease. People have also been sensitized to wear masks, wash or sanitize hands and maintain social distancing. Volunteers have distributed pamphlets and posters among the people and made them aware of the health department's guidelines to deal with the deadly Coronavirus. He informed that the Assistant Director Youth Services and other district officers conducted regular online meetings with the volunteers to ensure their active participation in the campaign.

Rana Sodhi further said that volunteers covered every household and shop in the villages and explained the ways to prevent the disease and the precautions to be taken in case of symptoms. The Minister urged the people that in case of any symptoms, people should immediately contact the nearby hospital for testing and if found positive then treatment can be done at home. He also asked for home isolation during the illness to prevent the spread of the disease and cautioned the people to beware of the rumour-mongers and follow the instructions of the health department in letter and spirit.



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