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ABP Asmita’s primetime show – ‘Hun to Bolish,’ celebrates consecutive 365 episodes

ABP Asmita’s superhit primetime show ‘Hun to Bolish’ successfully completes its first year on 5th April, 2022. It also marks show’s consecutive 365 episodes. Hosted by ABP Asmita’s editorial head Ronak Patel, the show features regular episodes on 'big issues of the day,' delivering innovative and current journalistic perspectives on the most pressing news, from 8 pm to 9 pm.

Through this show, Ronak investigates critical issues impacting the people of Gujarat by speaking with the relevant authorities and seeking answers. The concept behind the show's launch was that most discussion shows previously included 'experts' and 'spokespersons' debating trending topics of the day, but they generally failed to focus on the major authority or concerned person around whom the debate revolved.

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