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ABP Live Auto Awards Soon To Honour Automotive Innovation

News Delhi (Global News) : ABP Live is all set to launch a new intellectual property — ABP LIVE Auto Awards. The awards will honour the best vehicles that have been launched or have undergone significant mechanical changes in the past year.

This initiative aims to highlight the achievements of automobile manufacturers and recognise their efforts towards coming out with innovative and advanced vehicles. The awards will be presented in 15 categories, with a team of passionate auto enthusiasts, expert bloggers, and veteran journalists rigorously evaluating the vehicles on their efficiency, performance, value, design, and practicality.

The esteemed jury will comprise renowned automobile experts Raj Kapoor (veteran automobile journalist), Somnath Chatterjee (automobile journalist & consultant with ABP Network) and Jatin Chhibber (automobile journalist and anchor/producer - Auto Live), with RSM India as the knowledge partner.

Expressing enthusiasm over the launch of the awards, Vijay Jung Thapa, Chief Digital Officer at ABP Network, said, "We are thrilled to be introducing these awards, which will bring recognition to the incredible engineering and innovation that goes into making modern vehicles. Through these awards, we aim to celebrate and appreciate the remarkable progress made in the automotive industry."



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