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ABP Majha completes 15 years of broadcast

India’s leading Marathi news channel ABP Majha, from the house of ABP Network, completes 15 years on air. ABP Majha was launched on 22nd June, 2007, as Star Majha and quickly engrossed the Marathi audience through its eloquent coverage of news and daily events. The channel was renamed as ABP Majha on 1st June, 2012 and its logo was changed in 2020. Since its inception, ABP Majha has become synonymous with Maharashtra’s voice, as the thoughtfully designed editorial properties and capsules have brought the state and its state of affairs closer to every Marathi viewer across the globe.

In these 15 years, ABP Majha has built state-of-the-art studios and its relentless reporters & outstanding anchors have presented authentic and fearless news using the most advanced technologies in TV and news broadcasting. The channel has become an integral part of Maharashtra’s everyday life as they cater to the aspirations and needs of the Marathi people.

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