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ABVP celebrated ABVP's Amrit Mahotsav by organizing a procession of 653 students in PU

Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad Panjab University unit organized a student procession inside the university campus to celebrate ABVP completing 75 years in the service of the society and the nation. In which 653 students of Panjab University gathered at the Student Center to celebrate the 75 year journey of ABVP with great enthusiasm and fervour. During this student procession, the students of the university were told about the work done, movements and various activities carried out by ABVP in the national interest, social interest and student interest, in the last 75 years. North Zone Organizational Secretary Shri Vijay Pratap, ABVP Punjab State President Dr. Rajan Bhandari and ABVP Punjab State Secretary Aditya Takiyar were especially present during this program.

ABVP Unit President Rajat Puri informed that this year is the Amrit Mahotsav year of ABVP, it has been 75 years since ABVP has been working in various fields of the society. If we talk about Panjab University itself, ABVP is the only student organization which has been working for the problems of the students for the last several years. ABVP does not become active as soon as the elections come, but remains active inside the university throughout the year. ABVP took up the problems faced by the students every single day throughout the year and also worked to bring them to a proper solution. That's why we can say with great pride that ABVP is the only student organization inside Panjab University which remains active throughout the year.

Addressing the students during his speech, ABVP Punjab Secretary Aditya Takiyar said that ABVP is the only student organization in Panjab University, in which a group of students, coming from different zones of the country has been formed. Inside the ABVP, a miniature version and vision of the whole of India can also be seen. The state minister also urged the entire student community to make the ABVP win with a huge majority in the coming student union elections this year. He said that all of you should not vote only to win but vote for change in Panjab University. If ABVP comes out victorious in the student council elections, then Vidyarthi Parishad will be ready every time, everywhere to solve every single problem coming inside PU with full priority.

North Zone Organizational Secretary Shri Vijay Pratap ji said during his address that it is a historic day for all of us that together we are celebrating the completion of 75 years of ABVP here inside Panjab University. We all are very fortunate that we all have had the privilege of associating with a nationalist ideology. Only after 2 years of India's independence, ABVP as a student organization became familiar throughout the country and since then till today every single day it is working for national interest, social interest, and student interest. ABVP is a student organization which has its own benchmark principles. ABVP has been paving the path of its principles since 1949 till today and in the future too, it will continue to work along its own principles. ABVP is working not only in India but also in different countries around the world.

ABVP is committed to provide affordable and quality education in Panjab University.


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