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Ace Film Producer Gaurav Dhingra’s ‘Stolen’ starring Abhishek Banerjee to screen at the Prestigious

After winning hearts internationally at the recently held Venice Film Festival 2023, edge-of-the-seat thriller ‘Stolen’ starring Abhishek Banerjee is now gearing up for a special screening at the prestigious 67th BFI London Film Festival. Helmed by Writer - Director Karan Tejpal, the film is backed by Gaurav Dhingra Founder of Jungle Book Studio serving as the Producer and Writer on the film. Putting India on the global map yet again, the film will be screened at the BFI London Film Festival scheduled from 4-15 October 2023 as part of the Thrill strand.

Slated to screen on 5th October 2023 at the festival, ‘Stolen’ narrates the tale of a five-month-old baby being abducted from her mother, and this incident draws the attention of brothers Gautam and Raman, leading them to face various challenges that test their relationships and convictions. Speaking of the BFI London Film Festival, it presents a selection of the best in world cinema, showing audiences a wide array of films, representing a variety of languages, genres and filmmaking styles.

Sharing his thoughts on ‘Stolen’ getting screened at the BFI London Film Festival, Producer Gaurav Dhingra said, “It’s an honour for us to have ‘Stolen’ showcased at the BFI London Film Festival this year. I am touched and very grateful that BFI has positioned 'Stolen' among their finest range of global cinema representing different languages, genres, and filmmaking styles. The recognition our film is receiving on an international front re-emphasises our very purpose and ambition of making universal films like this. We are looking forward to seeing audiences' response to our film and are hopeful that ‘Stolen’ will pave the way to a new wave of genre films from India aimed at global dispersal.”

Meanwhile, ‘Stolen’ during its premiere at The Venice Film Festival received an emotional and heartwarming standing ovation from the global audiences. It was soon after the grand premiere when the makers of the film unveiled the striking first look of Abhishek Banerjee from the film.

‘Stolen’ is directed by Karan Tejpal and produced by Gaurav Dhingra of Jungle Book Studio. It co-stars Shubham and Mia Maelzer in key roles.



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