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Administrator’s Advisory Council Meeting, under the leadership of Banwarilal Purohit

Chandigarh's Path to Progress: Leasehold to Freehold Conversion Initiatives Gain Momentum* *Healthcare Advances: New Hospitals in Dhanas and Maloya Set to Commence Soon* *No Displacement of Residents after Rehabilitation Survey by Estate Office - Administrator Ensures Protection* **Chandigarh, 18th August 2023** -

The Administrator’s Advisory Council Meeting, under the leadership of Sh. Banwarilal Purohit, Governor of Punjab and Administrator of UT Chandigarh, was convened at Hotel Mountview Chandigarh. This assembly marked a significant stride towards progress and community welfare. Commencing the session, Sh. Dharam Pal, Adviser to Administrator UT, presented the accomplishments and aspirations of the city, encapsulating themes of a Green City, Clean City, and Smart City. The Chairman of 10 Standing Committees, on Education, Health, Urban Infrastructure, Social Welfare, Law and Order, Sports, Transportation, Culture, Environment, and Peripheral Area Development, delved into their previous achievements and introduced new recommendations. The Education Committee advocated for increased student involvement in the 'Zero Carbon, Meri Pahal' initiative. Efforts to admit children without standard documents, like Aadhar cards, were highlighted, along with the promotion of carpooling among parents. The renaming of the Industrial Area to “Chandigarh Industrial and Business Park”received approval.

The Administrator proposed reconsideration of parking rate hikes for vehicles from outside Chandigarh. In reference to the rehabilitation colonies survey conducted by the Estate Office Chandigarh, the Administrator assured that no residents would face displacement or removal after the survey. Sh. Purohit emphasizing prompt action and compassion for vulnerable sections. The Environment Committee emphasized water recharge wells and extensive tree planting. The Administrator suggested that university students and teachers assist in tackling single-use plastic in markets. The Health Committee outlined medical procurement synchronization among key hospitals and confirmed plans to begin work on 50-bedded hospitals in Maloya and Dhanas. Security measures and a 'Neighborhood Watch' scheme were discussed, while the sports department's comprehensive policy received praise from the Administrator. He stressed zero tolerance for illegal practices in Chandigarh spas and directed the police to take strict action against offenders. The Mayor raised Lal Dora issues, particularly supplying water to residents outside the Lal Dora, to which the Administrator urged solutions aligned with existing rules. It was also discussed to adopt new bye-laws for villages, as the existing bye-laws cannot be applied to them. The conversion for use of Industrial Properties from Industrial to Commerical activity led to an assurance of positive steps at higher levels. A policy will be drafted in this regard in the near future. The meeting was attended by dignitaries including Sh. Satya Pal Jain, Sh. Anup Gupta, Sh. Nitin Kumar Yadav, Sh. Vijay Namdeorao Zade, Sh. Praveer Ranajan, Sh. K. Siva Prasad, Vinod Kavle, Advisory Council members, and Chandigarh Administration officers.


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