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Adviser lays foundation stone for automation of casting unit at C&D Waste Plant

Chandigarh, (Aditi) :- Sh. Dharampal, IAS, Adviser to the Administrator, UT, Chandigarh laid the foundation stone for automation of casting unit at C&D waste Plant at industrial area Phase-I, here today in the presence of Sh. Ravi Kant Sharma, Mayor, Ms. Anindita Mitra, IAS, Commissioner, Sh. Shakti Parkash Devshali, area councilor and other councilors of MCC.

While addressing the gathering the Adviser said that the Chandigarh Administration is working on three components i.e. Clean city, Green City and Smart city and under the clean city project construction and demolition waste will have to be managed scientifically and recycled according to the requirements.

The Adviser said that after visiting the plant in the month of July, it was felt that the capacity of the plant will have to be increased from 150 TPD (tones per day) and the construction and demolition waste from neighoubring cities will also be accepted for processing and making usable products after recycling.

He appreciated the team of MCC for working fast on the provision of automated casting unit at C&D waste plant and increasing the capacity of the waste processing. He said that the manufactured PCC products to be used for pavements, road work, fencing work etc.

Sh. Ravi Kant Sharma, Mayor said that processing plant accepts all cement, construction demolition waste except steel up to the size 1-1.5 feet which is being processed by crushing and washing in four type of aggregates i.e. sand, 10mm Bajri, 20mm Bajri, and 40mm Bajri.

He said that such aggregates are being utilized further for making cement concrete products including PCC kerb, PCC channel, PCC tiles, Paver block, cement concrete works, bollards etc.; Public health works i.e. PCC road gully covers, PCC manhole covers etc.; Horticulture works i.e. PCC benches, CC tree and various road sub base works.

He said that The total cost of this project is Rs. 162 lacs which includes maintenance cost of plant for 5 years amounting to Rs. 27 lacs. After installation of this machine the production capacity will increase by 5 times i.e. from existing capacity of 2500-3000 units per day to 15000 units per day. Further the labour requirement for production of these products will also reduce considerably thereby reducing the operation cost.