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Advocates resorting to unethical way of advertisement ?

Chandigarh (Aditi) The Bar Council of Punjab and Haryana passed resolution in its meeting held on 1.6.2020 . It was brought to the notice of the House by the office bearers that many complaints have been received by the office that many advocates are resorting to unethical way of advertisement  to solicit work by making videos and uploading them on face-book and whatsapp group and getting their names published in newspapers with reference to conduct of cases. It was considered and unanimously resolved that any advocate who resorts to advertisement through social media which is in violation of Rule 36 framed by the Bar Council of India in section IV under the heading “duty to colleagues” would be considered as a misconduct  u/s 35 of the Advocates Act 1961. The mandate of Rule 36 prohibits an advocate from soliciting work or advertising, directly or indirectly by any means of circular, advertise, touts, communications etc., any such violation would be considered as a misconduct U/s 35 of Advocates Act 1961.  The House resolved to take appropriate action if any instance is complaint of or comes to the notice of the Bar Council, suo-moto action be taken against that advocate.



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