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After his "immoral" politics ,Amarinder should quit : Chugh

Chandigarh (Gurpreet) BJP national general secretary Tarun Chugh said here today that Punjab has become one of the worst-run states in the country where law and order has collapsed and people are seized with terror and fear.

In a statement Chugh said that Punjab chief minister Amarinder Singh's statement that the Modi government in the Centre and the Manohar lal government in Haryana should resign because they could not look after the protesting farmers loudly demonstrates and establishes the fact the the entire campaign has been not only led buy also incited by the Congress government in Punjab. Chugh said that it was in fact Amarinder Singh who had lost moral right to govern Punjab after his dismal failure as a chief minister to improve the economy or the law and order in Punjab.

"Amarinder Singh's concern for protesting \=-farmers while sitting in his ivory tower in Chandigarh clearly shows that the Punjab chief minister is desperate to play cheap politics after having failed to perform in his own state in the last almost four years", said Chugh.

Chugh said industrialists, traders, government employees, all have suffered hugely during Amarinder Singh's tenure and it is time that the Congress removed him as a chief minister. Chugh said while none of the promises made in the election manifesto have been fulfilled the Amarinder government's major contribution has been to promote an era of terror and fear in the state. "Democracy has been put to death in Punjab and calculated violence engineered by the Congress workers has become a way of life in the state so I appeal Amarinder Sngh to resign on moral grounds after having played immoral politics", Chugh added.

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