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Allow visits by family for Prisoners & Under Trials in Jails in view of improved COVID situation

Despite improvement in pandemic situation Prisoners and Under Trials still deprived of meeting with families : Dr Cheema

Chandigarh, (Gurpreet) : Shiromani Akali Dal has urged Punjab Chief Secretary that rules for meeting of family members with Prisoners and Under Trials in state jails should be reviewed keeping in view improved COVID-19 situation in state and urged him to allow visits by families to them.

In a letter written to Punjab Chief Secretary, Former Education Minister and Akali Dal Spokesman Dr. Daljit Singh Cheema said that on behalf of Akali Dal he was informing him that despite a huge improvement in COVID-19 situation in state, Prisoners and Under-Trials in state Jails are not able to meet their family members as rules do not permit same due to COVID situation. He said that these prisoners and Under trials were facing a severe problem in meeting family members and in some cases such Prisoners and Under Trials have not met their families since last more than one year. He said that apart from other issues, sharing of moments of grief and happiness was not possible for their families as they were not allowed to meet them. He said that despite improvement in COVID situation, not allowing meeting with families have sent these Prisoners and Under Trials in deep sorrow and despair.

SAD Senior Vice President said that as everyone is aware that COVID situation has improved a lot in the state and in recently held Punjab Assembly elections, mammoth gathering of people were allowed by the Election Commission of India keeping in view improved situation of the pandemic.

He said that under such circumstances it becomes imperative for Jail department to allow visits by family members to Prisoners and Under Trials in Punjab Jails. He urged him to review harsh conditions laid for such meetings and take a lenient view keeping in mind improved COVID situation and allow meetings of family members with such Prisoners and Under Trials. He said that such a decision will give a huge relief to thousands of Prisoners and Under Trials in Punjab jails and this will also decrease mental stress of such prisoners.

He hoped that on humanitarian grounds, he will review conditions and allow families to meet their members who are Prisoners or Under Trails in Punjab Jails and will give justice to them.

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