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Ambuja & ACC reach ~48.3 million people through its first sustainability campaign #ChangeTheStory

Chandigarh, (Gurpreet) : Holcim India and its two leading cement companies--Ambuja Cements and ACC had launched their first corporate campaign #ChangeTheStory on 31st January, highlighting the plastic removal efforts of the cement majors in the country. The first joint integrated sustainability campaign of Holcim India is about its efforts to clean the river Yamuna through the non-invasive technology called Bubble Barrier. Both companies have deployed a non-invasive Bubble Barrier technology for the removal of around 2,400 tonnes of plastic waste from Agra’s Mantola canal before they enter into Yamuna River. This river cleaning initiative is being taken care of by Geocycle, the in-house waste management arm of Ambuja Cements and ACC.

This campaign rolled out across the platforms, including print and digital. One of the lead video film spread the message through the lens of a scientist that it is time to change the story by taking out the plastic and free our rivers from the polluted past. Further, the Company leveraged the campaign through power of music by creating a rap song across owned platforms featuring the campaign mascot ‘Bubble Sharma’. The campaign was followed by a bouquet of informative posts and videos on social media. ACC and Ambuja collaborated with a bunch of micro and Nano influencers to drive further engagement around the bubble barrier technology.

Moreover, Holcim India has become the first cement company to launch an AR filter game, creating an immersive experience for users by illustrating the state of marine plastic pollution and the basic functioning of the Geocycle Bubble Barrier technology. This game convinces the user to play their role in driving change by encouraging players to Bubble pop their way to cleaner oceans and safer habitats for marine creatures.

The campaign, so far, has garnered over 48.3 million impressions and 21.3 million unique reach with 162% engagement rate. The campaign also led to organic trending on Twitter for #ChangeTheStory for about 2-3 hours with more than 3,000 tweets.

Audience showed support to the campaign by sharing their personal tales where they have contributed in bringing a change in environment and society. This call to action initiative acted as a catalyst for encouraging people to be agents of change to transform today into a sustainable tomorrow by pledging on the microsite and sharing their own change the story moment.

The ongoing ChangeTheStory campaign expects to elevate the narrative around sustainability challenges with a sense of urgency by showcasing technology-backed solutions that offer effective and measurable outcomes. This campaign aims to rewrite the problems of the present and create solutions that will benefit the future of society.



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