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Amritpal Violated Maryada by Using Sri Guru Granth Sahib as Shield to Release an Accused: Chhina

Amritsar, (Global news) Senior BJP leader and party's Core Committee Member Rajinder Mohan Singh Chhina hit hard at Amritpal Singh, head of of radical body 'Waris Punjab De', for using Sri Guru Granth Sahib as shiled at Ajnala for the release of his supporter Lovepreet Singh from custody. He said Amritpal has violated the Maryada, (code of conduct) and strict action must be taken against him by Akal Takht.

He said the act of Amritpal can not be forgiven and blamed stats AAP government for keeping a blind eyes to his activities in which he, armed with traditional and modern weapons, keep roaming around along with a group of supporters, attacking police stations which is highly condemnable. He said how can Amritpal call himself 'Waris' (saviour) when he is the culprit of an act of blasphemy. Chhina, expressing deep concern over the said incident, also strongly condemned the Mann government for kneeling before the radical forces, bent upon to disturb the communal harmony and peace in the state. He said that this has not only completely destroyed the law and order situation in Punjab, but has also disturbed the religious sentiments as by entering the police station with Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji as a shield is an act of blasphemy.

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