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Amritsar has tremendous potential for transforming into a top-tier wedding destination, suggests

Chandigarh: The 1st of its kind Punjab Tourism Summit and Travel Mart, held at Amity University Mohali, witnessed a groundbreaking event 'Amritsar as a Wedding Destination,' aimed at promoting Amritsar as a comprehensive and holistic wedding destination, in addition to its current status as a hub for religious tourism. During the first day of this three-day event to boost tourism in the state, the session has unveiled the profound connection between Amritsar's religious and cultural heritage and its growing popularity as a preferred choice for destination weddings and events.

Earlier in the day during the main event of the summit, Chief Minister S. Bhagwant Singh Mann expressed the government's unwavering commitment to making Punjab a leading tourist destination in the country as developing outskirts of Amritsar as the wedding destination.

Distinguished speakers unanimously acknowledged that while Amritsar has long been renowned for religious tourism, positioning the city as a premier wedding destination would significantly boost tourism in the state.

Notably, referred to as the 'Sifti Da Ghar,' the revered city of Amritsar already enjoying the popularity among the people across the globe due to its excellent rail, air and road connectivity, as well as a wide range of luxurious hospitality options and heritage buildings.

Mr. Samir MC, Managing Director of ITC Fortune Hotels highlighted Amritsar's unique blend of being a significant religious centre, housing the revered Golden Temple, while simultaneously emerging as a sought-after venue for grand weddings and celebrations. He said that Amritsar has a rich cultural legacy and if it's being promoted as a celebration destination, it could attract a diverse range of events and festivities beyond weddings.

Mrs. Loveleen Arun Multani, Director of Panache World emphasized that the time is suitable to emerge Amritsar as a favourite wedding destination. She noted that traditional wedding venues of other state have been losing relevance in contemporary world, and people are looking to open new vistas. Apart from this, city of Amritsar should be adapted to required changes to position itself as the most favourite wedding destination between the generational shifts.

Mr. Vijay Arora, Founder of Touch Wood echoed the sentiment, emphasizing the wealth of opportunities Amritsar possesses. He suggested utilizing the city's rich heritage, including historic buildings and havelis to attract a diverse range of tourists seeking unique wedding experiences.

Mr. Parthip Thyagarajan, CEO of Wedding Sutra said that Amritsar has already witnessed numerous successful weddings, signifying its inherent potential as a wedding destination. This existing demand offers a strong foundation for further development in this sector.

Mr. Devashish Srivastava, Director of Radisson Hotels took the discussion a step further by suggesting that the entire state of Punjab should be considered as a wedding destination. He stressed the importance of branding, co-branding and collaboration to decorate Amritsar as the epitome of wedding celebrations.

Mr. Chetan Vohra, a renowned Celebrity Wedding Planner highlighted the importance of destination readiness, connectivity and the development of surrounding areas to support the vision of making Amritsar a premier wedding destination.

The session also delved into the multifaceted appeal of Amritsar as a tourism destination that caters to both spiritual seekers and those seeking opulent wedding experiences. The city's historical significance, architectural marvels and cultural richness collectively contribute to its allure for both domestic and international tourists.

The speakers emphasized Amritsar's potential as an attractive location for both religious tourism and weddings. The session underscored the city's cultural richness, historical importance and modern amenities, encouraging attendees to view Amritsar not only as a place of spiritual significance but also as a unique and captivating wedding destination that seamlessly blends tradition, culture and modernity.

Throughout this meticulously curated session, numerous innovative ideas and suggestions were also shared by the audience.



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