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CHANDIGARH: Terming the Chief Minister's wayward outburst as the worst lowdown in state's political history, the Punjab BJP President Sunil Jakhar today said that Bhagwant Mann with his pompous attitude has made a mockery of state's water concern for which Punjabis will never forgive him.

By first keeping SYL out of the list of issues, and today choosing to speak on SYL, Bhagwant Mann has belittled his own image as a Chief Minister and the significance of issues being faced by those who voted for him in 2022, Jakhar said pointing out that all CM wanted was to keep every political leader away from debate by hook or crook.

Berating the CM for lowering the dignity of his Chair with language of a self-indulgent person, Jakhar reminded Bhagwant Mann of just concluded Vidhan Sabha Session where the CM was visibly offended at being addressed as ''tu" by LoP.

Just wait for 2 days, and I will lay bare your shenanigans and your conspiracies to demean Punjab and Punjabis at every step, Jakhar said referring to Kejriwal's appearance before the ED tomorrow.

I could not hear a Punjabi speaking there today, it was all about ego, arrogance and frustration of CM feeling cornered by having to first issue an open invite and then close doors of the city to everyone who should have been there, Jakhar said.

Launching an all-out attack on the CM, Jakhar said it was by no means an event where a common Punjabi could have been present. The near-total Police clampdown in Ludhiana was only to make it a VVIP event where only CM spoke his Political Master's (Kejriwal's) voice.

In a video message released here, the veteran leader also challenged Bhagwant Mann for either coming out with proof of seeing his father Chaudhary Balram Jakhar with Prime Minister Indira Gandhi at digging of SYL or apologise.

"The other day too, Mr CM, you had insinuated about my father which I ignored thinking you might have uttered in a moment of rush. But this time, you better come out with proof or else I would be forced to make you apologise through Court", Jakhar said.

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