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Chandigarh: In compliance with the instructions of the Punjab Vidhan Sabha Speaker S. Kultar Singh Sandhwan, a one-day training workshop was organized by the Vidhan Sabha Secretariat for nodal officers from various departments. This workshop marks another significant stride towards making the entire proceedings of the house paperless.

During the workshop, the Nodal Officers, appointed by the Administrative Secretaries of different departments, given detailed information about the National e-Vidhan Application (NeVA) and the website, which will facilitate the sharing of all relevant information related to the house.

Addressing the nodal officers in the Regional Hall, Vidhan Sabha Secretary Mr. Ram Lok Khatana emphasized that under the visionary leadership of Chief Minister S. Bhagwant Mann and Speaker S. Kultar Singh Sandhwan, the upcoming session of the assembly would be truly unique. It would be the first of its kind in history to be conducted entirely electronically.

Mr. Khatana urged the nodal officers to extend their full support in ensuring the success of this mission, while highlighting that by making the proceedings of the house paperless, not only will it save time for all departments, but it will also contribute to the government's environmental conservation efforts.

Furthermore, he stated that besides the house proceedings, the functioning of the legislative committees will also be made paperless, and all records of the house will be digitized.

The workshop included training sessions conducted by Mr. Vivek Verma, SIO, NIC Punjab, and other officers. They provided instruction on various modules of NeVA to the nodal officers, who were also briefed about the procedure for replying to notices sent by the Vidhan Sabha Secretariat.

Senior officials of the Vidhan Sabha and NIC Punjab were also present during the workshop.

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