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ANSSI Wellness Expands its Footprint in North India

Panchkula: ANSSI Wellness, a leading healthcare provider specializing in non-surgical treatment for severe & chronic neck & back pain, is pleased to announce the opening of its new center in Panchkula, marking its entry into the North Indian market. With a strong presence in Mumbai, Pune, Nasik, Nagpur, and Hyderabad, ANSSI Wellness is now poised to revolutionize back pain management and deliver lasting relief to the local residents of Panchkula and its surrounding areas.

With 5000+ success stories since 2012, ANSSI Wellness has been at the forefront of non-surgical spinal decompression treatment, utilizing their US Spinal Decompression technology to successfully treat patients across India, South Africa, Iran, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Tanzania, and Canada. Their commitment to rectifying spinal disorders and transforming lives has garnered international recognition and established them as a trusted name in neck & back pain management.

Patients in Panchkula and the surrounding areas can now benefit from the expertise and guidance of a seasoned medical professional dedicated to providing compassionate care and innovative solutions.


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