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Aquarium tunnels in Chandigarh on the lines of Dubai and Singapore

Chandigarh: On the lines of Dubai and Singapore, now residents of Chandigarh will also have 'Aquarium Tunnels' in their own city. For the first time in the city, the local people will be able to see exotics fish imported from abroad. Around two lakh fish are on display at the exhibition ground, back side of the Petrol Pump, Sector 34.

Organisers of the Sea World Carnival briefing about the aquariums in Sector 34

While addressing a press conference, the organizers of Sea World Carnival, Alankeshwar Bhaskar and Sunil Kumar Goyal (Billa) said that probably for the first time for the city that more than two lakh fishes have been kept in front of the audience. They said that their effort is to give the locals a feel of an aquarium like Dubai and Singapore. Informing about the tough procedures of bringing these fish to the city, they said a special cargo has been deployed for them without harming their adapted environment. A special hangar has been dedicated for these aquariums wherein these fish will be kept amidst the temperature of coolers and air conditioners, filters and other equipment. A fully trained team of 20 people is dedicated for their feeding and maintenance under the leadership of Firoz Elias Khan from Hyderabad.

Giving information about other features of the carnival, Bhaskar said that about fifty stalls have been set up in the fair premises for shopping. Apart from that, one can enjoy different types of dishes prepared by chefs from all over the country in the food stalls. Beside this, about 16 swings have been installed for children and adults. All the swings have been fitness tested and will soon be opened to the public.



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