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Artificial scarcity of medical oxygen equivalent to murder of humanity: Rana Sodhi

Says, Modi Government failed miserably to create health infrastructure despite a year of combating COVID pandemic

Demands immediate resignation of Union Health Minister for petty politics on former PM letter

Chandigarh, (Gurpreet) Lashing out at union government for failing to fight against Coronavirus and showing helplessness for delivering basic medical amenities to the states, Punjab Sports, Youth Services and NRIs Affairs Minister Rana Gurmit Singh Sodhi termed the medical oxygen shortage is a murder of the mankind.

In a press communique released here today, Rana Sodhi stated that Government of India has failed miserably to provide much needed relief to Indian citizens as hoarders proactively busy to hoarding medical oxygen.

He said that the acute shortage of COVID vaccines and other life saving drugs has leading to sizeable public anger against the government. “Despite being fully aware of a probable vaccine shortage, the union government had held back permissions for new vaccines. However, it relied only on the ability of two private companies to ramp up their production capacities but the efforts gone in vain,” he added.

Rana Sodhi said that the failure to supply adequate quantity of vaccines had resulted in several vaccination centres of various states suspending vaccination drives and people being turned away. It escalated the situation worsened as entire country needed urgent health care facilities and union govt ignored the harsh realities like Roman Emperor Nero.

Demanding the resignation of union Health Minister Dr. Harsh Vardhan for showing petty politics on the advice of world-renowned economist and former Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh, Rana Sodhi said that BJP government at center has shown an insult to Indian culture and tradition besides destroying the dignity and respect of the world famous former Prime Minister, and this too at that time when Dr. Harsh Vardhan should be focussing on fighting the deadly virus, but rather he was making time to create unnecessary political gains out of a note sent out of good intentions.

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