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Chandigarh (Gurpreet) – Shiromani Akali Dal president Sardar Sukhbir Singh Badal said here today that the Congress leaders and their ‘ open and secret allies’ claiming to have “concrete proof on who planned , sponsored & executed the unforgivable sacrilege against Shri Guru Granth Sahib ji should publicly place that evidence before the Khalsa Panth, the Court , the SIT and the people in general.”

Mr Badal also urged Congress leaders like Amarinder Singh, Sunil Jakhar, Navjot Sidhu, S S Randhawa and others like Bhagwant Mann to share with the Sikh quom, the SIT and the judiciary why they deliberately hid the truth on an issue of such profound religious importance for so many years, thus inflicting and prolonging grievous agony to Sikh hearts and souls. Why have they never even thought it proper to place the proofs they have in public domain?”asked the former Punjab Deputy Chief Minister

The SAD president further said that if leaders like Amaridner, Navjot Sidhu, Jakhar, Bhagwant Mann and others had some evidence but had been withholding it from the court and the Khalsa Panth, this by itself is not just a legal outrage but also an act of sacrilege against the Holiest of the Holy scriptures. “ It is truly stunning, unbelievable and unforgivable if these leaders indeed have been refusing to reveal the evidence they have against anyone as they claim day in and day out. Conversely, if they don’t have that evidence, then they are guilty of telling lies on a matter of such extreme sensitivity and gravity ” he said.

Mr Badal said that these leaders “owed it to Shri Guru Granth Sahib and to the great Guru Sahiban even at this stage to share with the Sikh quom, the SIT and the court every detail of the irrefutable evidence which they claim to have and the reasons for their not disclosing it up to now.” said Mr Badal in a statement here today .

The Akali leader clarified that although his party had no faith in “the politically motivated previous SIT, yet “we had appeared before and fully cooperated with it because we respect and have full faith in the law and judiciary .”

He said that likewise the SAD would “fully cooperate with the new SIT too despite govt’s only aim behind it being brazen political vendetta and an attempt to divert people’s attention from its utter incompetence, failures & blunders”.

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