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Badal blasts 'anti-Sikh' Kejriwal for blocking Bhullar’s release again

Calls it “the first reality shock” for AAP Bhakts

Bhagwant Mann, Harpal Cheema have a lot to explain Sikhs & Punjabis now

Chandigarh, (Gurpreet) -Shiromani Akali Dal president S. Sukhbir Singh Badal said here today that by blocking the release of Sardar Davinder Pal Singh Bhullar yet again, Delhi Chief Minister and Aam Aadmi Party National Convener Arvind Kejriwal has “finally bared his true anti-Sikh and anti-Punjab fangs. But we will make him face the consequences of his communal mindset.”

In a statement here this evening, the SAD Chief said, “Kejriwal’s hypocrisy and villainy stands exposed and his side-kicks in Punjab, Bhagwant Mann and Harpal Cheema, have now a lot to answer for to the Punjabis in general and to the Sikhs in particular on their party’s anti Sikh and anti Punjab role.”

Reacting angrily to the refusal of the Delhi Government’s review committee to recommend an immediate release of Sardar Bhullar, Mr Badal described it as” the first shock of reality check to those who were foolish enough to trust Kejriwal’s promises on Bhullar during the poll and didn’t believe us when we pointed to his anti Sikh communal mindset. The man is full of venom for the Sikhs. I am afraid more shocks to AAP supporters will follow soon,” said the former Deputy CM pointing to Kejrival’s stand against Punjab on river waters and other issues.

Mr Badal said that SAD’s “fact based” allegations against AAP in general and its national convener in particular stood fully vindicated now. “Arvind Kejrival kept lying to the Sikhs and befooling them with fake, villainous smiles all through the election campaign, saying that he had ordered the review committee to meet and reconsider its earlier decision blocking S. Bhullar’s release. But as soon as the elections are over, he has been quick to reveal his true feline colours, and it has not even taken him long to do so. The cat is truly out of the bag,” said Mr Badal.

The Akali chief reminded Punjabis that Kejrival had first denied that Bhullar's case was under the purview of his government and had claimed that it was for the Government of India to decide. “It was only after we exposed him by releasing copies of his own government’s orders on the matter that he smiled sheepishly and admitted that it was indeed his government that had blocked the release. He, however, promised to get the decision reversed by the Committee headed by his Home Minister, Satyendar Jain.”

The SAD president warned Kejrival and his “lackeys" in Punjab to be prepared to face the wrath of the Sikhs on their anti Sikh and anti Punjab bias. SAD will continue its fight for Mr Bhullar’s release. He has served his full sentence and is in a shockingly poor state of health. And yet this heartless AAP Convener has no humanitarian bone in his body.

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