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Badal condemns Kejriwal for insulting farmer struggle with cheap theatrics

Chandigarh, (Aditi) – Former union minister Harsimrat Kaur Badal today condemned Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) Convener and Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal for insulting the farmer struggle with cheap theatrics by tearing copies of the farm laws which he was among the first to notify in the country.

In a statement here, Mrs Harsimrat Badal said the Delhi chief minister was known as a “dramabaaz” but this time he had indulged in unparalleled hypocrisy by tearing the same laws in the Vidhan Sabha which he had notified on November 23.

Asking Kejriwal to have mercy on the farmers, Mrs Badal said it was strange that the Delhi chief minister had only suddenly discovered that farmers were sitting out in the open in cold wave conditions and that more than twenty farmers had passed away. “The Delhi chief minister is only shedding crocodile tears in a desperate bid to wipe away the blot he has put on his name by rushing to notify the farm laws on the directions of the central government. These dramas however won’t help. Farmers know that Kejriwal and AAP have never supported their struggle and that Kejriwal has always danced to the tune of the central government”.

The Bathinda mp said this was not the first time that Kejriwal had tried to befool farmers. “Earlier also the Delhi chief minister first notified the hated farm laws secretly and when this fact came out in the open he tried to win the sympathy of farmers by going in for a farcical inspection of a few toilets near the Singhu border. This latest antic of tearing copies of the farm laws has also been done to save AAP’s sinking ship in Punjab where the party has been thoroughly discredited and become redundant. Such low level tactics won’t help. Punjabis have seen through AAP and will never trust the party every again”, Mrs Badal added.

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