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Badal offeres his party’s “full constructive support” to the incoming Aam Admi Party Govt.

Chandigarh, (Gurpreet) – Shiromani Akali Dal president Sardar Sukhbir Singh Badal today offered his party’s “full constructive support” to the incoming Aam Admi Party Government in Punjab “if and wherever the Chief Minister-designate Sardar Bhagwant Singh Mann deems it necessary”

“ As a responsible Panthic party committed to Punjab, Punjabi and Punjabiat, SAD will always be willing to walk the extra mile to support the new CM in measures to promote the welfare and prosperity of Punjabis and in defending the interests of the state in religious, economic, territorial and river waters issues. In or out of power, SAD has always stood and will continue to stand for “chardhi kala” ( glory) of the Khalsa Panth and Punjab, and for peace and communal harmony in the state,” said Sardar Badal extending his ‘sincerest congratulations and good wishes to the incoming Chief Minister and his party.

Thanking millions of Punjabis who voted for the SAD BSP alliance, the Akali chief said that he was “greatly moved” by the hard work and commitment of the workers of both the parties. “Even out of power, we have a responsibility not only towards these millions but also towards those who for some reason voted for other outfits. We will conscientiously discharge that responsibility,” said Mr Badal, adding that “as one who was leading the force from the front, I deem it my moral duty to accept responsibility for the overall performance of the party instead of passing the buck to “honest and conscientious Akali workers, candidates or alliance partners. They all fought valiantly against an unprecedented wave.”

Meanwhile, SAD Senior Vice President Harcharan Singh Bains told newsmen in Bathinda today that Mr Badal has convened a meeting of the party’s Core Committee in the just concluded poll to discuss election results. The meeting will be held in the party’s HQs in Chandigarh at 2.00 PM on March 14,” said Mr Bains.

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