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Badals owe an apology casting aspersions on Dr. Manmohan Singh at instigation of BJP

Chandigarh, (Gurpreet) : The Shiromani Akali Dal (SAD) cannot wash its hands off the sins committed by the party even after ending its marriage of convenience with the BJP owing to political compulsions as well as pressure mounted by the farmers' agitation. The Badal clan owes a public apology for casting aspersions on Dr. Manmohan Singh at the instigation of the saffron party. This was firmly demanded here today in a press communique by the senior Congress leader and Cabinet Minister S. Sukhjinder Singh Randhawa.

The Congress leader further said that the Badals were equal partners in the NDA Government which brought the economy to its lowest ebb which was earlier put on upward trajectory by the UPA Government under the leadership of Dr. Manmohan Singh with great efforts. By acting as puppets in the hands of BJP, the akalis continued personal criticism of Dr. Manmohan Singh, said S. Randhawa who also added that despite granting various financial sops to Punjab, Dr. Manmohan Singh never got a word of gratitude from the SAD. Now that owing to political compulsions, the akalis have off late woken up so suddenly to the reality of BJP being anti Punjab, the Badal conglomerate must publicly apologize to Dr. Manmohan Singh for their follies.

Pointing out further, S. Randhawa said that with breaking of alliance with the BJP, the SAD cannot claim itself to be a holy cow for the party is equitable ally in crime during wrongs committed against the State of Punjab, Minorities and the farmers during NDA regime and so, can't wash the stains even after unending explanations. The sinful decisions undertaken by the Union Government involved attacking and undermining the federal structure of the country, Unconstitutional decisions such as CAA, Dropping Punjabi from the list of official languages, Anti farmer black laws and the electricity ordinances.

The Congress leader also challenged the SAD to come clean on statements by BJP regarding akalis in loop over the farm ordinances as well as duty assigned by the saffron party to bring the farmers on board. The BJP has lifted the veil of double standards off the akalis' face and the people of Punjab especially the farming community won't ever forgive SAD for the stab in the back.

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