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Chandigarh, (Gurpreet) : On the opening day of 4th Military Literature Festival 2020, Battle of Kohima, Operation Meghdoot, Gorkha history, Rafale fighter planes etc were showcased during the “Clarion Call: Josh Aur Jasbah” session.

During the virtual show of this event, Major Bikramjeet and Aradhika, members of organising committee of 4th MLF 2020, informed that main aim of this session is to highlight the sacrifices and bravery shown by soldiers of our armed forces amongst the youth and to motivate them to join our armed forces. With the help of an audio-visual technique, documentaries on “Battle of Kohima”, “Operation Meghdoot”, “The legacy of the Gorkha soldier” and “The Rafale Aircraft” etc were showcased.

During the showcase of first documentary, “The Battle of Kohima”, it was shown that during the second world war, the Japanese had attacked to capture strategically important Kohima bridge. The Japanese had attacked the area thrice and the battle started on April 4, 1944 and continued till June 22, 1944. The soldiers of 4th Corps and the British soldiers, who were deputed in Imphal had jointly given a befitting reply to the Japanese.

“Operation Meghdoot” was the codename given to a special operation carried by the Indian soldiers to capture Siachen glacier in Jammu and Kashmir area. This operation had started on April 13, 1984 and it holds special significance because it was carried out on one of the highest battlefields of the world. It was due to the courage of the Indian soldiers that the Siachen glacier was captured, due to which the area where our soldiers are deputed is known as Actual Ground Position Line (AGPL).

In the documentary “The Legacy of the Gorkha soldier”, the bravery of the Gorkha soldiers was showcased. Gorkha word is synonymous with bravery and firm commitment. It was due to their bravery that even Maharaja Ranjit Singh had deputed the Gorkha soldiers in his army. It was also highlighted in the documentary that the training of the Gorkha soldiers is very tough, due to which they are always successful in war.

In the fourth and last documentary of this session, “The Rafale Aircraft”, it was highlighted that these aircrafts are being inducted into the Indian Air Force to increase its strength. It was shown that these fighter jets are of 4.5 generation and can carry a payload of 4700 kgs and their range is 300 kms. It was shown that the first five Rafale fighter jets have already been stationed at Ambala Air Force Base and the remaining would be delivered by France in 2021. The presence of Rafale fighter jets in the Indian Air Force is a matter of great pride for our nation.

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