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Chandigarh, (Gurpreet) Taking strong exception to the misleading statements of Congress and BJP leaders over law and order situation in the state, the Punjab Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann on Tuesday said that as compared to several Congress and BJP ruled states, the law and order situation was far better in Punjab.

Winding up discussion on the Governor's address on the floor of Punjab Vidhan Sabha, the Chief Minister said that rather than misleading people on this issue the Congress and BJP leaders must check their facts as the states having governments of their parties were far below Punjab in law and order. He said that the state government will maintain law and order in the state and no one will be allowed to disturb its hard earned peace at any cost. Bhagwant Mann envisioned that due to strenuous efforts of the state government, Punjab will shine in every sphere during the coming six months.

Reminding the people of the anti-people stance of the traditional political parties, the Chief Minister said that these were the traitors who have never been loyal to the state and its people. He reminded the people that those who had signed the agreement on SYL have big resorts in Haryana whereas the other one who offered the silver spade to the then Prime Minister is today a self proclaimed ‘saviour of water’. Bhagwant Mann said that these people had ignored the interests of the state for their vested political interests, adding that due to this reason only they had completely rejected the people of the state.

The Chief Minister categorically said that they can do anything for the well being of people and nothing can stop them from this noble cause. He said that they are not afraid of the misuse of CBI and ED by the Union government and will continue to serve the people without any fear. Bhagwant Mann said that the misuse of central agencies to muzzle the voice of democracy will not be successful.

Taking opposition to cudgels, the Chief Minister said that those who have killed the innocent people of state through bullets by conniving with Britishers in pre-independence era and then ruined the youth with drug pills in post independence period are now raising questions on him. He said that these people have no moral right to question him as they are the culprits of the state. Bhagwant Mann said that the people of Punjab can never forgive these traitors for their anti-Punjab stance.

The Chief Minister quipped that these people have never been sincere with the state and its people as they have given paramount importance to their own interests. He reminded the people that when the Union government had framed draconian farm laws this family had given their consent to the bill as one of its members was a Union Minister and the entire family had hailed the bill in a video message. However, Bhagwant Mann said that when the entire Punjab went against it then they changed their stance just to befool the people.



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