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CHANDIGARH: Dubbing him as first Chief Minister ever to have super powers to close already closed toll plazas, the Punjab Congress President Amarinder Singh Raja Warring on Thursday challenged Bhagwant Mann to close down Kurali toll, barely 5 KMs from CM's official residence, instead of one like yesterday which was anyhow going to run its contract.

Stop making a fool of yourself by turning the whole administration into a laughing stock with these insanely cheap and low tactics, Warring told CM urging him to respect the people's mandate and start working for Punjab's welfare in real sense.

Coming down heavily on today's drama at TOLL PLAZA, the Congress leader asked CM to stop wasting tax payers' hard earned money on his ego-satisfying theatrics and be sensitive to state's already crumbling financial position. "If your officers don't tell you, let me share this with you with great concern that your today's totally pointless, unnecessary and avoidable trip to TOLL has cost almost Rs. 50 Lakhs on account of elaburate administrative preparations including your travel and security arrangements," Warring said.

If we count your ten such trips of closing down already closed toll plazas, Mr CM you have already wasted Rs. 5 Crores of public money, Warring said underlining the same could should only been used for developmental purposes in a state hard pressed for financial flexibility.

CM's obsession to stay in news at any cost is taking a toll on Punjab, Warring quipped adding that this behaviour is now beyond comprehension and is fast turning nauseating for people of Punjab who are forced to tolerate this administrative callousness for no fault of theirs.



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