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Bhagwant Mann government crackdowns on gangsters and criminals operating from jails

Sets wheel in motion to abolish VIP culture in the state jails

Chandigarh, (Gurpreet) In a major crackdown against nexus of gangsters and criminals operating from jails, the Punjab government led by Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann has so far confiscated 710 mobile phones from jails in a specially launched drive.

Divulging the details, the Chief Minister said that during this special drive launched from March 16 to May 10, as many as 710 mobiles have been recovered from jail inmates. He said that from 16th to 31st March 166 mobiles have been recovered whereas 354 mobiles were confiscated from April 1st to 30th adding that 190 mobiles have been recovered from May 1-10. Bhagwant Mann said that these mobiles were used by the gangsters/ smugglers to run their rackets from the jails

The Chief Minister said that investigations are on nab the persons on who’s name these numbers were registered. He said that very soon strict action will be taken against them. Bhagwant Mann further responsibility of the officers and staff of jails who were involved in sneaking these mobiles in the jail will also be fixed.

The Chief Minister further said that abolishing VIP culture in jails the Punjab government has decided to abandon the VIP cells and transforming them into administrative blocks. He said that those lodged in jails have been punished by courts for violating law and they can’t enjoy facilities while sitting in jail. Bhagwant Mann said that these jails will now be truly reform (Sudhar) houses (Ghar) where these criminals will pay for their sin in right earnest.

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