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Chandigarh: Senior Akali leader Bikram Singh Majithia today came down heavily against what he described as “ the complicity and conspiratorial collusion between the Punjab Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann and the Haryana Government “ for   subjecting the Punjab farmers to tear gas shells and other forms of  brutal repression on Punjab’s soil. “



Mr Majitia said that the CM owes an explanation to farmers and other Punjabs how the Haryana police could carry out this repression on Punjab’s soil which is beyong their legal jurisdiction .  The Akali leader said that tis was unprecedented in the history of Punjab.

   Mr Majithia demanded the immediate dismissal of  Bhagwant Mann’s “blue eyed boy SSP Patiala” who allowed the Haryana Police to act against Punjab farmers while they were still on  Punjab’s side of the Shambhoo border.  How come Haryana police could encroach upon Punjab’s territory , violating all jurisdictional limits? Could they have done it without the  permission and active collaboration of the Punjab government of Bahawant Mann ? What did  Bhagwant Mann’s police do to stop Haryana police from doing it? In fact, the two governments of Punjab and Haryana were hand in glove in carrying out this repression against Punjab’s farmers,” said Mr Majithia in a hard hitting statement here .


  Mr Majithia said that both Kejrival and Bhagwant Mann were “double crossing the farmers, pretending to side by them while actually colluding and collaborating with the BJP government at the center and in Haryana to subject the peacefully protesting farmers to brazen repression in broad daylight.


   Mr Majithia said that both Kejrival and Bhagwant Mann had made solid and solemn commitments to farmers to give MSP on all farm produce “ even if the center did not do so.” They are on record having made this promise just to win farmers support and win elections. But after forming the government on the basis of this support,  Bhagwant Mann and Kejrival befooled the farmers and stabbed them in their back.”

  Mr Majithia said that here are concrete and credible reports of the collusion between the Haryana govt and the Bhagwant Mann’s  government in betraying the farmers.

 Mr Majithia said that the SAD stands solidly with farmers in the fulfillment of their just demands . He said SAD has always waged historic battles for democratic rights and freedoms and fully backs the farmers right to peaceful protest .”



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