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Bhagwant Mann making political capital out of Modi govt welfare schemes: Chugh

Chandigarh: BJP national general secretary Tarun Chugh today said that the Bhagwant Mann government was playing a hax on Punjab and its people by claiming to launch a food grains scheme.

Chugh said the AAP government was simply exploiting the facility already given by the Modi government for its cheap political gains.

Almost 1.43 crore people in Punjab have been getting free food grains which is provided by the Centre. The number of depot holders was already far above than what is required. In these circumstances the Bhagwant Mann government is trying to make political capital out of it, he said adding that basically the game of the AAP government was to accommodate its political workers as depot holders.

Chugh said the political drama of the AAP government was just to cash in on the welfare schemes run by the Modi government to benefit the poor families.

The Bhagwant Mann government, he said, had failed miserably on all fronts and was building its image on the basis of the Modi government welfare schemes.

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