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'Bill Liyao Inam Pao' scheme; Penalty over Rs. 5 crore imposed on vendors for issuing invalid bills: Harpal Singh Cheema

Chandigarh: Punjab's Finance, Planning, Excise and Taxation Minister, Advocate Harpal Singh Cheema, on Sunday announced a significant enforcement action under the 'Bill Liyao Inam Pao' scheme. He said that a total penalty of Rs 5.16 crore has been imposed on vendors for issuing invalid bills, with a substantial portion of Rs 4.01 crore already recovered, marking a milestone in the state's efforts to promote tax compliance and transparency.

          Finance Minister Harpal Singh Cheema highlighted the success of the 'Bill Liyao Inam Pao' scheme, revealing that 1403 winners have been awarded prizes worth Rs. 56.58 lakh for their participation till date. The scheme, which encourages consumers to upload their purchase bills via the 'Mera Bill App', has seen a robust public response since its launch by Chief Minister Bhagwant Singh Mann on August 21, 2023, he added.

          The minister disclosed that out of 65,443 bills uploaded to the app, 1,512 notices were issued to vendors for billing discrepancies, and 642 of these notices have been resolved. He emphasized the scheme's impact on improving tax revenue systems and the active role of the public in achieving this goal. The 'Mera Bill App' has also led to 108 new GST registrations, indicating a positive trend in tax compliance, said Finance Minister Cheema.

          Reiterating the importance of the scheme in promoting tax compliance and combating tax evasion, Advocate Cheema urged the residents of Punjab to continue participating in the scheme and to retain their purchase bills, as this not only supports the state's tax infrastructure but also offers them the chance to win monthly prizes up to Rs. 10,000.

          The Finance Minister Harpal Singh Cheema also clarified that bills for petroleum products (crude oil, petrol, diesel, aviation turbine fuel and natural gas), liquor, out-of-state purchases, and B2B transactions are not eligible for the scheme. He emphasized that only bills for purchases made within the last month are considered for the draw, ensuring the scheme's fairness and effectiveness.



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