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BJP acting vindictively towards Punjab as if we’re an enemy state

Chandigarh (Gurpreet) In a hard hitting statement issued here today, Sukhpal Singh Khaira MLA and former Leader of Opposition castigated the central BJP government, for acting vindictively against Punjab and trying to teach a lesson to the agitating farmers instead of accepting their legitimate demands.  Khaira said this discriminatory attitude of the central government smacks of hatred and ill-will that the BJP leadership has towards Punjab.

Khaira said that the agitating farmers have been able to keep their protests completely peaceful and not a single incident of violence has taken place during the last couple of months of agitation. Khaira said instead of accepting their demands or reasoning out with them, the BJP government has stopped all essential commodities supply to the state, particularly through the rail network. Khaira said there is a dire need of fertilisers for sowing of wheat crop, similarly there is complete shortage of coal to run the thermal plants of the state and also people are awaiting general supply of items for the upcoming Diwali festival. But the BJP on a totally false pretext has stopped all trains to Punjab, although the farmers have totally vacated the rail tracks for supply of essential commodities to the state.

Khaira said even the state government has many times pleaded with the central government to allow plying of trains to Punjab but there is no positive reply from the BJP government. Khaira said it's a pity that the farmers of Punjab who helped India become self sufficient in food grain production have been left in the lurch by successive central governments. Khaira said farmers are under a colossal debt of about Rs. 1 lac crore that is forcing them to commit suicides in large numbers. Khaira said the debt and suicides by farmers are a direct result of the unremunerative prices fixed by successive central governments during the last 73 years of independence.

Khaira said in order to fill the food granary of India Punjab farmers have virtually destroyed their natural resources. He said ever since the green revolution input of fertilisers, insecticides and pesticides that have not only ruined our soil but also contaminated groundwater to such an extent that there is widespread cancer in the state. Khaira said instead of rewarding the farmers of Punjab for their hard work and commitment towards the country, the BJP government is out to settle scores with them, teach them a lesson and is being harsh to the state.

Khaira urged the BJP government to accept the genuine demands of the farmers and allow goods trains to Punjab so that fertilisers, coal etc. can reach the people. Khaira said in case the government of India does not budge and continues to behave arrogantly, he would appeal to the people of Punjab to observe the upcoming festival as a “Black Diwali” to register their protest against gross discrimination.

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