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BJP Govt in Himachal is all set for its exit : Rajinder Rana

Congress rounded up BJP on many issues during the ‘meet the press’ organized at Chandigarh Press Club

Chandigarh, (Aditi) : Himachal Pradesh Congress Committee (HPCC) working president and Sujanpur MLA Rajinder Rana during the ‘meet the press’ organized at Chandigarh Press Club on Wednesday rounded up BJP on vivid issues and claimed that BJP Govt in Himachal Pradesh is all set for his exit after the upcoming Vidhan Sabha elections in state.

He said that the natives of the hill state have been completely disillusioned with the BJP Govt which is encouraging corruption over the years while the state Govt has completely failed on every front. While taking an aggressive stand on Jai Ram Thakur led Govt, Rana said Govt indulged in a series of scams and scandals from police recruitments to fake degree distribution. He attacked the ruling party that every effort is being made to safeguard the culprits signifying the wrong intentions of Govt.

While raising the doubts on the latest Agnipath scheme, Rana questioned the intention of the Central Govt that instead of protecting the future of the youth, the Govt is toying with their career and future. He said that with the cancellation of direct recruitment in the army, the dreams of the youth have also been shattered and this will also weaken the military strength of the nation. According to him, lakhs of ex-servicemen have registered themselves for employment but the Modi led Govt, which has failed to provide them employment, is now talking of ensuring employment to the Agniveers, which cannot be trusted.

Rajinder Rana also charged the State Govt in connection with the fake degree scandal and termed it as the ‘biggest fake degree scam of the country’. He regretted that the image of Devbhoomi (Himachal) was tainted by this scam while Govt has put all its efforts to securing the real culprits. He pointed out that instead of handling this case to Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), the Govt seems to be in defensive mode by forming an Special Investing Team (SIT) by the state police.

Rajinder Rana said that former state CM and BJP stalwart Shanta Kumar has also publicly expressed his anguish regarding the fake degree scandal and has even committed why such effort to save the real culprits. Rana said that if the fake degree scandal is investigated minutely, it could turn out to be a scam worth Rs 20,000 Crores connecting big names of state polity. He lauded that it will be the first case of its kind in the world wherein three private universities have been granted in a single panchayat in a state by violating the norms. He said that what was the deal behind this, it should also come to the fore. Rana said that the State Govt has been badly exposed in the public for the cancellation of police recruitment twice and openly selling the paper. He raised the concern that despite handing over the case to the CBI, Govt is trying to dilute the matter. He alleged that the state Govt is also trying to save the top-notch state police.

Rana said that the BJP Govts at both counterparts – Centre and State have cheated the youth in the lieu of employment guarantee. While challenging the both Govt, he said that during the last 8 years, the Modi and Thakur led Govts have ruined not only the state but nation at large for which a white paper should have been issued about how many youths have been given employment to find out the exact truth.

On the issue of inflation, Rana, while taking high on BJP said that inflation has reached its all time peak during the BJP’s reign. He said that the stability of rupee against dollar has turned pathetic day by day under Modi rule in contrary to strengthening the economy.

Also present on the occasion includes Lakhwinder Rana, MLA from Nalagarh and others.

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