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BJP-JJP government only make tall claims, not concerned about youth - Kumari Selja

Due to failures of government, Haryana at top in country in terms of unemployment

Chandigarh, (Aditi) – President, Haryana Pradesh Congress Committee, Kumari Selja said that due to the continuous decline in employment opportunities, the unemployment rate in Haryana has reached more than four times as against the country's average unemployment rate. The BJP-JJP alliance government of the state has not only failed to create new jobs, but also failed to prevent from decreasing the existing employment opportunities. This government only make tall claims and it is not worried about the youth of the state, who have lost their jobs.

In a statement issued here today, Kumari Selja said that as per the latest data from the Center for Monitoring Indian Economy (CMIE), the average unemployment rate in the country in the month of July has been 7 percent whereas, in Haryana, it has increased by more than 4 times to 28.1 percent. This rate has increased more than the month of June. Whereas, in June, the unemployment rate in Haryana was 27.9 percent. That is, due to the short-sightedness of the BJP-JJP alliance government, Haryana has occupied the top place in the country in terms of unemployment by breaking its own record. Due to the wrong policies of the alliance government of Haryana, which was unable to control unemployment, the state has remained at the first place in the country by breaking its own record in the case of unemployment again and again. This rate of unemployment is the highest among all the small and big states of the country. The BJP-JJP government of Haryana has nothing to do with the interests of the people of the state. The government is busy juggling data. Instead of juggling data, if so much time was spent in creating employment opportunities for the people, the condition of the state would not have been so bad, she added.

Kumari Selja said that the intention of this government is not to provide employment to the youth of Haryana. Due to the failures of the government, the industries have been destroyed in the state. Big industries are migrating from the state. Jobs in the private sector are over. People employed for years are being fired from their jobs. At the same time, the continuous paper leak cases in Haryana are the biggest living example of the failures of this government. More than three dozen papers have been leaked in this government, said Kumari Selja.

She said that in order to promote industries, the State Government had organized a two-day grand event named Happening Haryana in a five star hotel at Gurugram in the year 2016, on which crores of rupees were spent. After this, the government claimed that the Haryana Government had signed 357 MoUs with industry representatives, which was said to have involved an estimated investment of 5 lakh 84 thousand crores. Along with this, 5 lakh new jobs were claimed to be created. However today, the latest figures of CMIE are enough to expose the alliance government of the state, added Kumari Selja.