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BJP leader's arrest in Delhi a criminal act-Chugh

Bhagwant Mann playing meek second fiddle to please Kejriwal :Chugh Chandigarh, (Gurpreet) BJP national general secretary Tarun Chugh today lambasted the AAP government in Delhi and Punjab for their "Hitler-like action of arresting BJP's De;hi spokesperson Tejinder Bagga" in an early morning swoop at his residence in Delhi. Chugh said it was shameful that Tejinder was not even allowed to wear patka and dastar which is a disgrace and insult to a Sikh."It is a huge crime to take a Sikh man away like this without letting him tie his turban", Chugh said adding that Kejriwal was making blatant misuse of the Punjab police to settle scores with his political rivals in Delhi. "It is a criminal act of Kejriwal to which Punjab chief minister Bhagwant Mann is playing a meek second fiddle", Chugh said. Instead of focusing on the electoral promises made by the AAP government, both Kejriwal and Mann are resorting to shameful acts to divert people's attention from the dismal failure of the AAP government in Punjab. "Sending 50 policemen to arrest a person who is sleeping in his house is shameful act of the Bhagwant Mann government just to please his boss Kejriwal", Chugh added.

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