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BJP Mahila Morcha President Jai Inder Kaur slams Nitish Kumar for his derogatory remarks

The Punjab Mahila Morcha President held a protest at Patiala's Sheran Wala Gate against Nitish Kumar along with the Patiala District Mahila Morcha team.

Addressing the media at the protest site Jai Inder Kaur said, "I am absolutely horrified and appalled by the bizarre and derogatory remarks made by the Bihar CM Nitish Kumar in the Bihar Vidhan Sabha yesterday. The Chief Minister's post is a very important and sensible post and it requires the person holding it to conduct himself with the highest dignity. It's the Chief Minister's job to be inclusive and take every group of the society forward with him. Instead of doing that it is shameful that the CM himself is giving regressive and misogynistic statements in the Vidhan Sabha."

She further said, "The statement made by him is not only crass and offensive to women, it also goes on to show the sexist mindset that he possesses. It seems that the power drunk Nitish Kumar has completely forgotten that he has also gotten birth from a woman and he must also have sisters and daughters at home, can he seriously face them after such a statement?"

Demanding his immediate resignation Jai Inder Kaur said, "I think that such a misogynist person is completely unworthy to govern a state and he must immediately resign as the Chief Minister of Bihar."

Jai Inder Kaur was accompanied by District Mahila Morcha team and Ex MCs of Patiala.

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