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BJP protested against Nitish Kumar's obscene remarks and burnt his effigy

Chandigarh: Bharatiya Janata Party Chandigarh, under the leadership of State President Jatinder Malhotra, protested in the local Dhanas Colony against Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar's objectionable comments towards women and use of obscene language and burnt the effigy of Nitish Kumar. On this occasion, State President Jatinder Malhotra said that Nitish Kumar has not only made obscene remarks but has also used obscene language. This kind of terminology reflects the real mentality of those people and is an insult to Indian culture. What is even more regrettable is that no leader of the so-called INDI alliance has opposed this, which clearly shows that everyone is same and everyone's mentality is of this poor level. Malhotra said that Nitish Kumar should immediately resign from his post for making such obscene remarks, especially for insulting women. And if he does not resign then he should be dismissed for using such obscene and vulgar language in the House. On this occasion, along with Jatinder Malhotra, the party's vice president Prem Kaushik, Davinder Singh Babla, general secretary Ramveer Bhatti, state secretary Dr. Hukam Chand, councilor Kuljit Singh Sandhu, state spokesperson Kailash Chand Jain, Naresh Arora, district president Satinder Singh Sidhu, Dr. Apart from Ravinder Pathania, Rajinder Sharma, Mahila Morcha President Sunita Dhawan, many workers including Neha Arora, Ruby Gupta, Ravi Rawat, Swaraj's co-president Manish Sharma etc. were present.

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