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Book, Bajwa is quoting holds Indira Gandhi and Amaridner responsible for digging SYL

Chandigarh (Gurpreet) - Senior Akali leader Balwinder SIngh Bhunder today ridiculed Tripat Rajinder Bajw for accusing former Chief Minister Sardar Parkash SIngh Badal  "on the basis of a book which holds Indira Gandhi and Amaridner guilty of digging SYL."

Mr Bhunder was responding to a statement by   Bajwa in which the latter had levelled allegations against Mr Badal on the basis of what Mr Bhunder called "selecive and distorted intepretations of  a book" by a Chandigarh based journaist, jornalist Jagtar Singh

" Typically, Bajwa is distorting even the few excerpts of the books he seems to have read somewhere. I wish he had read the entire book which mentions Indira Gandhi as the digger-in-chief  of the SYL and confirms Amarinder Singh handing the spade to her to dig the canal at Kapoori where S Parkash Sngh Badal and other AKali leaders were being arrested for opposing the same  Indira Gandhi and Amaridner Singh. If Bajwa had read the whole book, he would also have found in it the proof  that the Parkash SIngh Badal the first Chief Minister of the state to challenge both the river water distribution as well as the clause 78 of the Punjab Reorgansiation  Act 1966 enacted by the  Congress-ruled centre which unconstitutionally gave the the Government of India  the powers to adjudicate on river waters. Can Bajwa deny that what  P S Badal was fighting all his life  were theanti Punjab and anti Sikh  deeds   of the Congress governments both at the centre and Punjab."

  Mr Bhunder asked Bajwa to go back and read the book again "as it cearly mentions the betrayal of Punjab's critical water rights by Darbara Singh who signed away Punjab's water rights  when he was asked y Indira Gandhi to choose between river waters for Punjab on the one hand and his CM's chair on the other. Darbara Singh chose his chair and sacrificed Punjab's lifelline. That is what SAD and particularly Sardar Parkash Singh Badal have  been fighting against all his life . Can Bajwa tell us who is the author of injustice done to Punjab? When Indira Gandhi gave the anti Punjab award, whose government was there at that time both at the centre and in Punjab?  When Darbara Singh signed death warrant of Punjab''s farmers, who governments were there in Dehi and Chandigarh?  When Bluestar and ani Sikh massacre were inflcited on SIkhs, which party was in power? Congress accusing us of not defending Punjab's case is like a murderer telling us why did we not revive the man he has  killed. The Congress killed alll of Punjab's interests and is shameless enough to bllame us for not saving Punjab from the Congress' sword. Do Bajwa and  other Congress leaders even realise what they are saying?" asked Mr Bhunder .

  The Akali leader also asked Bajwa to read other parts of the same book and other writings of the same author on Operation bluestar, massacre of Sikhs and the discrimination against the SIkhs by successive Congress governments.

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