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Businesses witness rapid growth by leveraging online retail channels

Chandigarh, (Aditi) : The pandemic has rewritten the rules of retail and many vendors have shifted to online retailing channels to sell their products. The ever-growing universe of online retail has also opened a window of opportunity for 51 percent of Indian MSMEs who are located in smaller towns and cities. Additionally, with the ever-growing online penetration, small vendors, and businessmen with niche products as well can now reach out to a large audience online. Three such vendors, India Furnish, Lifelong, and Vishnu Image Folio have leveraged the online retailing route and witnessed rapid growth and scale in their business.

India Furnish, a home decor and furnishing company, sold its products directly on e-commerce platforms. However, in the last 5 months, it started selling its products through Cloudtail, one of the key online retailers in India, and has witnessed rapid growth in business since then.

Commenting on his rapid growth, Mayank Arora, MD, India Furnish said, “We have been associated with Cloudtail for five months, and being a vendor to Cloudtail has brought a major difference in the brand image and value to our brand. While we have been retailing online, we preferred to partner with Cloudtail as they have helped us select the right products to stock and sell online thereby ensuring the best sales for these items.”

Lifelong Online, a brand that sells products in the kitchen, personal care, sports, healthcare devices, and large appliances space has associated itself with Cloudtail and has doubled its growth since its launch in 2015.

When asked about why Bharat Kalia, Co-Founder, and CEO, Lifelong chooses to be associated with Cloudtail India, he said, “Cloudtail’s vendor managers partner with us on day to day operations and advise us on things we can do to drive growth. The vendor manager also helps us with the on-boarding processes without any hassle. Cloudtail has been instrumental in our growth on the Amazon marketplace by helping us with insights on industry trends and product development. Along with the strategic partnership, Cloudtail also helps us with operational activities such as giving the right visibility to products, maintaining the right stocks at different warehouses, and timely financial reconciliation.

Two other brands from the Vishnu Image Folio umbrella, Pitaara Box, and Artzfolio that sell paintings, wallpapers, and home décor witness a jump from selling 1000 to 1 million products through Cloudtail. They started selling on Cloudtail in 2019 and within a short period, witnessed a huge growth.

Commenting on the growth, Rajat Khandelwal, Owner of Pitaara Box and Artzfolio, said, “Our sales saw a gradual and steady increase since the time we got associated with Cloudtail. We hit the ground running with a targeted plan outlined with the help of the vendor managers at Cloudtail. It helped us focus our efforts on ramping up production and maintaining quality while Cloudtail took care of the customer reach. In the last 12 months, our sales grew ~30% month on month with 16,287 customers buying our products across India.”

Sumit Sahay, CEO, Cloudtail, said, “At Cloudtail, we aspire to be the partner that vendors seek to scale their businesses with. In a changing landscape, there are endless opportunities for vendors to improve their business models and adopt new ways of doing business. Cloudtail is committed to redefining online retail by filling selection gaps and providing the best value proposition to customers in partnership with thousands of vendors. We have more than 700 registered MSMEs on Cloudtail and are happy to help businesses like India Furnish, Lifelong and Vishnu Image Folio grow and flourish.”

According to various reports, India's Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) base is the largest in the world after China. The #AatmanirbharBharat and #vocalforlocal movements gaining more traction in the country. This is giving Indian businesses the much-needed push and without any doubt, the Indian e-commerce sector is sure to have brighter horizons

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