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Chandigarh, (Aditi) In line with the government’s decision to generate jobs across departments and enhance functional efficiency through optimum utilization of manpower, the Punjab Cabinet on Friday approved restructuring of five more departments.

The decision of the Cabinet, led by Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh, will lead to the creation of 1875 new posts, with 3720 existing ones, which had become defunct or irrelevant, to be surrendered.

The five Departments to be restructured are Revenue, Rehabilitation and Disaster Management, Social Security and Women & Child Development, Planning, Social Justice Empowerment and Minorities and Civil Aviation.

As per the restructuring plan of the Revenue, Rehabilitation and Disaster Management Department, the Cabinet has decided to revive/create and abolish posts of various categories in the offices of Divisional Commissioners and Deputy Commissioners besides newly created Sub-Divisions/Tehsils and Sub-Tehsils in the office of Commissioner Faridkot Division, Faridkot.

In the Social Security and Women & Child Development Department, 124 defunct posts will make way for 12 new ones, with the Cabinet also approving filling up of 101 posts (62 in Women & Child Development Wing, 39 in Social Security Wing) connected with professional services through outsourcing.

In line with the restructuring plan approved for the Planning Department, 219 posts have been created (five from Punjab State Planning Board and 214 from Economic and Statistical Organization) against 637 defunct ones.

The Cabinet also approved the restructuring of the Social Justice Empowerment and Minorities Department with emphasis on strengthening the legal to enable it to better handle multiple legal cases apart from empowering the field offices. As per the restructuring process, 285 posts will be done away with to make way for 147 new ones.

The Cabinet also approved the restructuring of the Civil Aviation Department in order to infuse greater efficiency and economy in the working of the department.

Notably, the Cabinet led by Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh on October 14, 2020 approved a State Employment Plan 2020-22, to fill vacant jobs in government departments, boards, corporations and agencies in a phased time-bound manner in fulfillment of his promise of providing one lakh government jobs to youth in the remaining term of his government.

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