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Cadbury Gems forays into the world of NFTs to generate funds for the less fortunate kids

Chandigarh- (Aditi) : Cadbury Gems, one of India’s oldest and much-loved chocolate button brand, has announced the launch of its first ever NFTs (non-fungible tokens) through the latest Junior NFT campaign.

From launching the successful online Cadbury Gems birthday party with Youtube sensations Aayu- Pihu, to, introducing the Cadbury PlayPad, an augmented reality gaming experience to make learning fun, the brand continues to leap into the world of today’s tech savvy generation and provide innovative engagements for every parent focused on their kid’s development. With Junior NFT, the brand has taken its efforts a notch higher by associating with blockchain platform, GuardianLink to convert artwork made by kids around the country into NFTs; celebrating their colourful imagination.

Moving the needle from storytelling to story doing, the brand has also partnered with Save The Children to use the proceeds from the NFT sales towards the education of underprivileged children; focusing on getting them back to school, purchasing educational equipment, etc.

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