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Canadian College opens Doors for Aryans Students

Mohali (Gurpreet) The students can join Canadian Colleges through Aryans, resulting into huge saving in the Cost of Education. Likewise, the students can complete 2 years BCA course in Aryans and can finish the rest of the 2 years in the University of Fraser Valley, British Columbia, Canada and then complete Bachelor of Computer Information Systems (BCIS) course. This was said by Ravi Philips, Head International MarketingUniversity of Fraser Valley.

Ravi further said that if the students do 4 years course then they have to spend $20,000 every year but under such scheme they can save the cost of initial 2 years which is around 20Lac. The students need to qualify the course eligibility criteria like IELTS score and minimum academic requirements.

The University of the Fraser Valley (UFV) is a