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Cancellation of Small Flats/ARHC Flats

The Chandigarh Housing Board has allotted about 16000 flats under Small Flats Scheme and about 2000 flats under the Affordable Rental Housing Complex Scheme. These flats have been allotted for the occupation of the allottee and their families on monthly licencefee and these flats cannot be sold/Sub-let/transferred/handed over to other persons.

2. There were some unconfirmed complaints that some of the allottee have sold/transferred their flats unauthorizedly/illegally. Since such flats cannot be sold/transferred, these instances may be the clear cases of violation of Terms & Conditions and it may also attract criminal case for committing fraud/cheating etc. The allotteeswho have illegally sold/sub-let/transferred the flats and the purchasers both are liable to face action for the fraud/cheating/forgery etc. The persons who may be known from whatever name like Property Dealer/Document Writer/Middleman/Property Consultant/Facilitator/Financer etc who are involved in the illegal transactions of Sell/Sub-let/Transfer of Small Flats are also liable to face action for being part of the criminal conspiracy for such illegal transactions.

3. During the months of June/July 2022, door to door surveys wereconducted and it was observed that some of the Small Flats/ARHCS flats were occupied by the unauthorized persons. In all such cases, the cancellation proceedings have been initiated and during last four months, 64 flats have already been cancelled. A list of such cancelled flats and a copy of the cancellation orders have also been uploaded on the website of the CHB. The Occupants of such cancelled flats will be evicted in next few days and the CHB will take over possession of the flats.

4. The people who have been cheated by illegal sale of the Small Flats and ARHC Flats then he/she should immediately take legal action against Allottees/ Property Dealers/ Document Writers/Middlemen/Property Consultants/ Facilitators / Financers. The illegal purchasers/transferees/occupiers of these flats have no locus standi and the CHB will not entertain any of their claims.

5.​It has also been observed that some of the allottees are not paying the monthly licence fee on regular basis. The list of outstanding dues of the allottees has been uploaded on the website of the Chandigarh Housing Board. The outstanding dues can be paidonline on the website of the CHB and also at any of the Sampark Center.

6. In case of cancellation of allotment, the occupier of the flat will be evicted. Further, for restoration of allotment, the allottee will be required to prove his/her bonafides and also to clear all the pending dues with applicable interest and also to pay revival charges. Considering that allottees of the Small Flats/ARHCS flats belong to economically weaker section, it is in their interest to clear all the pending dues in next 10 days to avoid serious issues because of cancellation.

7. In view of above, all concerned are hereby advised not to allow other persons to occupy the flats and also to ensure timely payment of licence fee.

8. In case any of the allottee of Small Flat/ARHC Flats does not want to occupy the flats then he/she can surrender the flats to Chandigarh Housing Board and may get refund of the security amount, if any.



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