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Capt. Amarinder Singh running the state like a feudal lord

Capt. Amarinder Singh running the state like a feudal lord throwing to winds all laid down norms, while making appointments to top positions of the state besides ignoring the meritorious rights of Sikh officers – Khaira

Chandigarh (Gurpreet) While addressing the media here in Chandigarh today, Sukhpal Singh Khaira MLA and former Leader of Opposition lambasted Capt. Amarinder Singh for making erroneous, wrongful and unconstitutional appointments at his whims and fancies throwing down all laid down norms of official working. Khaira said as we are aware, the new Chief Secretary Mrs Vini Mahajan has superseded five senior bureaucrats to become the head of the state. Khaira said earlier her husband Mr Dinkar Gupta was chosen to head the state police similarly superseding five senior IPS officers, which clearly shows that Capt. Amarinder Singh has scant regard for seniority and fairness.

Khaira said such out of turn promotions to the top positions of the state will not only create heartburn in the civil and police administration but will also demoralise deserving officers. Khaira said earlier the unfair appointment of Mr Dinkar Gupta as DGP was set aside by CAT and the matter is now hanging litigation in the Punjab and Haryana High Court where the government is spending crores to defend his wrongful appointment. Khaira said similarly the fresh appointment of Vini Mahajan as Chief Secretary will also land the state into another round of fresh litigation, by those who have been ignored and humiliated.

Khaira castigated Capt. Amarinder Singh for ignoring the aspirations, seniority and merit of Sikh officers both in the civil and police administration, while making top appointments. Khaira said if Sikh officers will not have an opportunity to serve in their home state, it is highly impossible for them to get any rewarding position in the rest of the country. Khaira said probably it is the first time in the history of present Punjab that both the top positions of CS and the DGP have gone to non-Sikh officers. Khaira said this brazen act also amounts to conflict of interest as the Chief Secretary is the magisterial authority to keep a check on the police working. Khaira said can the new CS give any adverse report against her DGP husband, if he violates any rule of law?

Khaira said that Capt. Amarinder Singh has not only appointed non-Sikh officers to these top positions but a careful perusal of the other vital positions clearly indicate, that he is wilfully and purposely ignoring deserving Sikh officers and other eminent Sikh personalities, who could have been given these positions. He said presently the AG is a non-Sikh, the Lokpal is a non-Sikh, the State Information Commissioner is a non-Sikh, the Human Rights Commission Judge is a non-Punjabi, the State Election Commission is headed by a non-Sikh, the Women Commission has a non-Sikh head, similarly the Farmers Commission is head by a non –Sikh and the State Food Commission is also headed by non-Punjabi.

In the same breath Khaira questioned the stoic silence of Sukhbir Badal as President SAD over these discriminatory appointments. Khaira said it was surprising that while on one hand the SAD claims itself to be the sole champion of the minority Sikh community but has not uttered a word during the last three years, when Capt. Amarinder Singh made these undeserving and unfair appointments at his whim and fancies like a feudal lord, ignoring the rights of the Sikh and Punjabi officers.

Khaira urged Capt. Amarinder Singh to reconsider the appointments not only to the post of CS and DGP but also the outlined 10 other important offices that have gone to non-Sikhs and non-Punjabis, which is gross discrimination with the minority community.

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