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Cash prizes on opening ceremony of Khedan Watan Punjab Diyan

Chief Minister Bhagwant Singh Mann to honor 1807 sportspersons with a cash prizes amounting to Rs 5.94 Cr: Meet Hayer

Chandigarh: The Punjab Government, which is constantly striving to create a sports and sportsmen-friendly atmosphere, will be awarding the players with cash prizes, who were earlier deprived of the cash prize money of the last five years on the occasion of the National Sports Day.

On the instructions of Chief Minister Bhagwant Singh Mann, the sports department has prepared a list of 1807 medal winners from Punjab who have been deprived of cash prize money since 2017. The Chief Minister will felicitate these 1807 players with a total prize money of Rs 5.94 Cr at the opening ceremony of the season-2 of 'Khedan Watan Punjab Day' at Bathinda on August 29.

In a press communiqué released here today, Sports Minister Gurmeet Singh Meet Hayer said that it had cone to the notice of the Punjab Government that there were many sportsmen in the state, who despite winning medals, did not receive cash prize money for the last five years. Chief Minister Bhagwant Singh Mann directed that the sports department to prepare a list of these players and give them their due rights. The sports department has prepared a list of 1807 such players from the year 2017 till now, whose total prize money is Rs 5,94,45,400 (5.94 Cr). These players have brought glory to the state by winning medals in state, national and international competitions.

The Sports Minister said that now the Chief Minister will award cash prizes to these players at the opening ceremony of the season-2 of 'Khedan Watan Punjab Diyan' at Bathinda on August 29 on the occasion of National Sports Day. He said that a new sports policy has been made by the sports department and in the coming years any sportsperson will be given their due respect immediately.

Divulging the details of cash prize winning 1807 players, Meet Hayer said that 997 players of the year 2017-18 will get Rs 1.58 Cr, 135 players of 2018-19 will get Rs 47.96 lakh, 287 players of 2019-20 will receive Rs 1.75 Cr, 51 players of 2020-21 will honour with Rs.19.05 lakhs, 203 players of 2021-22 will get Rs.1.32 Cr and 10 players who won medals from services in the 36th National Games held last year will honour with Rs.41 lakh. Thus a total of 1807 players will be awarded with Rs. 5,94,45,400 (5.94 Cr)


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